Party Poker Review

Party Poker Review

This is a very popular site although this would never be my first choice of poker or casino site. It seems very basic with a not “amazing” start screen. I have a very fast broad band connection and could not connect on my first attempt, second or third, finally I got the installation working and can navigate the site.

The software for Party Poker is free and easily downloadable. The reason for my connection error turns out to be the fact the site is full up of players therefore a slight lag incurred. The minimum operating requirements are windows 7 vista and windows XP with a min of 512 MB RAM also you will have to set your screen to a resolution of 800 x600 and 356 colours. The actual lobby on the site is very confusing with lots going on at once. I do have to say I have been playing internet poker for quite a few years now and this has to be the more confusing one, of the many on offer.

I do have to say though that Party Poker has any type of poker available at any Level cash available . So If you only have $10 to spend you will certainly have a fun night and not have to dip into your wallet, that is, if you don’t go onto a cash table and spend the whole amount in one hand. The best way would be to enter onto a $1 tournament with 100 players etc…this way means you actually get to play for a bit and if you get banged out of a tournament, you still have many goes left.

There are icons down the left hand side which holds all the support from the site. All are toll free numbers which you can call 24/7. I tried the UK number and could not get through first time although the US number was an immediate connection

There are many promotions available but the welcome bonus is only 100% which happens to be quite low for an online casino site (compared to roman casino of 500%) . The site does have a lot of free rolls available, although the payout on these is very low. They do boast a Monday to Thursday 30k jackpot game with satellites available for $27 with the main buy in for $99.

The actual game play is very smooth and tournaments run very well, when you actually get the connection to work. The downside to this site, is the site map and navigation. But I do have to say this is a poker players site with no pomp just a basic homepage and a damn good game of poker which is smooth and easy to follow(at the table).

There is another down load to the site which is a casino package and I found this much better to navigate. A basic package with all the normal casino games, I personally would rather play this package than the basic poker download, if I happened to be a new poker player.